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Printing unique gifts for all occasions

The t-shirts, tote bags, cushions and aprons are printed to order with the poem of your choice.

The poems printed on the mugs, greetings cards and tea towels are restricted to the images shown in the shop. Visit the Gallery to see more photos.

The poems are printed on the back of the unisex t-shirt to suit both ladies and men.

We provide a secure payment portal for online payments, if however you don't want to pay online contact us at info@moonink.co.uk to arrange an alternative payment method.

About the poetry

Here at MoonInk it is our mission to bring poetry to life by taking the verse out of the book and into the world to gain a wider audience for the poetry in our lives.

MoonInk are based in the UK and Lee Jackson is a Tanka poet living on the South Coast. His poems are inspired by his travels, the seaside town where he lives and the people and wildlife who inhabit it. Lee's Tanka poems are a contemporary take on the ancient art of Tanka poetry writing.

With all the Time in the World, 99 Tanka Poems by Lee Jackson is available for only £6.95 in the shop.

Visit the Online Tanka Anthology for a full list of the poems available. If you see a poem listed in the Anthology that you would like printed that is not shown in the shop email us at customerservice@moonink.co.uk 

Working with responsible partners

We have sourced our t-shirts from TeeMill who produce certified organic cotton products made in a renewable energy powered factory. Click here to follow the journey of a product from seed to shop.

80% of the environmental impact of a t-shirt happens post-purchase. That's why, for every item you return to TeeMill at the end of its life they give you £5 store credit at their online outlet Rapanui. They will then recycle or reuse but will never send it to landfill, click here to find out more about the Cashback Scheme.

Environmentally friendly Jutebags.com are dedicated to getting the best brands available online to all the people wanting to go green without compromising on style.

IKEA provide our cushions and are 100% dedicated to using sustainable cotton.

Coming Soon - MoonInk Classics

Your favourite classic poetry quotes printed on a wide range of products.